Friday, August 22, 2014

The Illusionary Realm of Thought - Can You Sense It?

Mind and body work together as car and driver, Creator and created--one without the other, well, that's staring into the abyss.

Thought is something never experienced by the senses but yet existing.

Let's take away all the light, how then can light be said to exist without being perceived?
If no light, then only darkness which is understood to be the opposite of light.
If one is born blind, would they comprehend the difference between light and dark?
Only in the mind: their understanding of light can only be an illusion.

What is a house?

We know, intellectually, it is a building intended for human habitation; also, we understand there is planning, math, tools, workers, etc that will be involved in its construction.

What is a home?

Is it not an idea that wherein you dwell, your house, is a special place, an extension of yourself?  Without your thought that such an idea is true, the concept of a home does not exist.  Only your belief that the idea is true gives 'home' meaning and that only exists as thought in your mind.

Language, art, games, movies, names, culture, and a staggering amount more rely on thought to exist; they are illusions, beliefs acted out by the human mind.  All of these things change but always remain the same, wearing different costumes and using different props to tell an infinite variation of one story.

People on opposite sides of the same town can perceive the world differently, despite the absurd assertion that reality is objective.

Reality is never identical between two minds.

How likely do we believe two people, regardless of who they are, will have the exact same picture of reality in their mind?  They like all the same music, movies, candy, clothes, boys, etc?

I'm left to conclude that we are all, at least a little bit, insane: if we agree with 90% of popular opinion (consensus reality), then we are 10% insane.

We're perceiving something that most people don't perceive, which is believing in an illusion.

Our entire collective reality, a consensus account of what's going on, changes radically in very short times.  I didn't know anyone with a cell phone when I was a kid, but now I don't know too many people without one.

If reality is not an illusion, if it's "real", then why is it always in flux?

How can something that is always unstable ever be real?

It would seem that reality and illusion are the same, or at least appear to be.

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