Saturday, August 23, 2014

All in One in All: The Essential Unity of Energy

Everything is fundamentally energy.

We exist and experience a world quite the opposite: one of discrete objects, cause and effect, time and motion, and all the forces that break energy into the complexity of existence and being.

Yet, fundamentally, it's all just the same pool of energy.

We are a vortex of energy, arranged and assembled according to a blueprint, that clings together for a time and dissolves back into the ether from whence it came.  When our vortex contacts another, electric fields interact and that interaction is interpreted and used to construct a picture of "reality".

Still, it's all just energy.

Why do we so strongly believe this fragmented picture of unity is more real than the notion it's all an energy field in flux?  What is the function or capacity that allows us to believe that we are separate?

Everything is energy; comes from energy; lives from energy; dies into energy.

Before we existed, before anything tangible existed, all was energy--when the cosmos slept in the womb of thought.  When the cosmos reaches it's destination, for everything moves in circles, everything transforms to energy.

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