Thursday, March 5, 2015

Contact Beyond the Veil - Thoughts on Strange Minds

The modern age, most of us, accept the existence (or possibility thereof) of alien life, ghosts, demons, and any number of supernatural, paranormal, divine, or strangeness in general.  Are we just superstitious monkeys or what?

With any such phenomena, there seems to be a clear dichotomy of those who believe it true (or believe the possibility exists) and those who do not, including those who make it their work to debunk everything unusual.


People who've had contact with strange minds, spirits, or anything that qualifies as an unusual presence to which one has limited or infrequent contact--these are contactees.

Now some folks want contact, they tell us to reach out to our brothers and sisters across the galaxy and open ourselves to receiving the message.  It seems a lot of these messages are the same: "Humans are in danger, we have so much more to offer, we need to love each other, etc"

Mayhaps I'm paranoid or cynical, but I'm wondering why we'd assume such beings are truthful and why, if they are so powerful and ancient, would they need to have psychic communication with beings decidely less advanced than themselves.  Isn't it equally possible there's another agenda at work?  Is it possible such beings are using a positive message to conceal something else?

If the laws of nature regarding living things are part of every system on every world, then such beings are more likely to be result of evolutionary pressures to succeed, to dominate, and to ascend above all other life-forms on their world / dimension.  Aren't we more likely to encounter predatory species than passive ones?  Wouldn't peace-loving, helpful races have had immense trouble surviving against aggressive ones?


Everything is energy operating on different frequencies, right?  All matter is an expression of form, a change in the vibrational levels of energy, of which all matter is composed.  So far, so good?

In order to see a spirit, for instance, this means the energetic pattern of that spirit falls within the range of what is perceptible to us--e.g. we can see it, so it's visible.  There's a ton of vibrations, spectrums, that we cannot perceive, be it sound, light, or sensation.

If such spirits are not normally perceptible, where are they at that time?  Why do they fade out of our perceptory world and how do they go from unseen to seen if they exist within a given space-time reality around us?  Perhaps it's possible that the vibrational energies which existed during the spirit's existence are echoing, or bleeding, into our known reality; perhaps, also, it's a legit being which can manipulate it's vibrational patterns and appear however.


Human perception is incredible limited.  Take a look at what our eyes can see in terms of light spectrums, or investigate what range of frequencies our ears can pick up, and you'll quickly understand how narrow our reality is on account of our bodies.  MOST of existence is veiled from our senses!  Yet we continually assert we have a grasp on our world, our galaxy, our cosmos, our own brains!  How can we possibly comprehend anything if we experience everything in a very limited frame of perception?!

Our consciousness is veiled.  It is with this in mind that I caution anyone who has contact, paranormal experience, alien visitation, or any other strange mind encounter to exercise utmost caution.  The experience is decidedly beyond our range of perception.  This implies the entity is engaging you, which should concern you, because it is an entity capable of things you cannot possibly comprehend.

Even if they tell you there is a plan, don't worry, you are special, and so forth, how do you verify what is presented is the truth when you cannot perceive things the same way as the entity giving you this information?  The source is alien and requires an alien perspective.

Be careful with any interaction of a strange mind, friends.  Acknowledge your own limitations, the bounds of normal perception, and be aware that you're experiencing something beyond the limits of human perception and therefore you are in uncharted waters at the mercy of the resident mind.

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